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DSG01 - Software Features

  • Full control of all internal scope functions via push buttons.
  • Comprehensive horizontal and vertical manipulation of displayed signal. Variable timebase grid.
  • Horizontal and vertical magnification of display.
  • Data points can be displayed as it is or joined.
  • Frequency and Duty cycle measurement.
  • Cursor measurement of time, voltage and frequency.
  • Visible trigger line for ease of setting up trigger values.
  • Trigger delay display mode.
  • Each of the display traces (A, B or D) can be individually enabled.
  • Individual channel can be turned OFF to freeze waveform or FFT plots for comparison with live signals.
  • Display of grid and units via push buttons.
  • Standard generation of Sine, Ramp, Triangular, Square waveforms in normal and sweep modes.
  • Variable duty cycle for fixed frequency square wave generation.
  • Captured signals from channel A or B can be duplicated into generator
  • Cropping and magnification of generator custom data.
  • Custom waves can be designed using spreadsheet or text editor (e.g. notepad) then imported into DSG
  • FFT spectral frequencies display of captured signal.
  • FFT Spectral plots can be saved, printed and exported to spreadsheets.

File functions

  • Save - Saving waveforms and FFT spectral plots of channels A & B.
  • Exporting channel A & B captured data and FFT data to CSV file, readable by Microsoft Excel or equivalent.
  • Saving current profile (setup details such as trigger values, sample rates, gain.. etc)
  • Saving of custom wave in RAW binary file.
  • Load - Loading saved waveforms and FFT plots for channels A & B
  • Loading profiles, to facilitate quick restoration of common experimental setup
  • Loading of custom waves either in RAW binary format or Excel CSV format

Print functions

  • Printout of the whole scope panel or
  • Print out of just the waveform display window only.
  • Printout sent to default printer.

Help functions

  • All help and operating instructions are always available via the help button. Manual supplied as PDF and text file.

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