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DSG01 (30MHz Version) - Technical Specifications


Sampling rates 3000sps, 30Ksps, 300Ksps, 3Msps, 30Msps (samples per sec)
Analog Bandwidth 15MHz
Buffer size 32Kbytes
Input resolution 8 bits (better than 10mV at +- 1.2V range)
Input ranges +-1.2V and +-12V  (+-120V & +-1200V with x10 &  x100 probes)
Input impedance 1 MOhms//20pF  via  BNC
Input modes Software selectable AC or DC
Trigger Instant or digital triggering within input range
Selectable Triggered delay or normal display
PreTrigger Off, 10 or 100 sample points

Spectrum Analyzer

Type FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
Range 0 to 15MHz

Signal Generator

Frequency range 5Hz to 500KHz settable to 1 percent.
Accuracy to within 3%.
Signal types Sine, Triangular, Saw, Square and any Custom waves. Variable duty cycle for fixed freqency square wave.

Sweep modes available on all the standard signal types

Sweep start freq. 7.5,15,75,150,750,1500,7500,15000,75000,150000 Hz
Sweep Ratios of X2, X5 X10 and X20
Custom waves at selectable 3K, 30K, 300K, 3M & 30M Hz rates (e.g. can generate signals upto 15MHz)
Generator buffer length 32 KBytes
Signal Amplitude Built-in waveforms 0-1V and 0-2V pp via BNC connector
Custom value of 255 = 2V & 0 = 0V (8bits resolution over 2V)
Captured signals from channel A or B can be duplicated into generator as custom wave
Custom wave can be cropped and amplified via software.
Output impedance 300 Ohms
Scope modes SCOPE only, FFT only, GENERATOR only or SCOPE + GENERATOR
Size 66 X 42 X 120 mm (excluding connector protrusions)
Operating Temp. 10 - 30C

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